Grapevine Wreath Making Workshop

December 8, 2018

11:00AM - 2:00PM - Pavilion

Join us for our inaugural Grapevine Wreath Making Workshop! The class will be led by Gardens and Grounds Manager, Jonathan Jeffries and will run from 11am- 2pm. We will provide the materials and a special holiday wine tasting*. Vines will be directly pruned from our 227 acres of grapevines with accents foraged from our 1300 acre estate. 

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The class will take place at the Trump Winery Pavilion located at 100 Grand Cru Drive. Tickets are available online or at the Tasting Room. Advanced reservations required. This is a virtual ticketed event. You will be checked in upon arrival and do not need a hard ticket. Cancellations under 48 hours are non-refundable.

*guests 21 and over only

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